How to Add Fall Colors to Landscaping

Fall plant selection to beautify your landscape

Fall is a great time to grow beautiful plants and flowers. There is nothing quite like a range of vibrant colors in the garden to welcome each day and lift one’s spirits. This is especially true as the trees drop their leaves and the days grow shorter and colder.

There are a number of annuals that continue to bloom into the fall months. Marigolds, Salvia, and Snapdragons are good choices. They look particularly wonderful planted together in groupings that highlight their unique colors. Alternately, they can be planted as a border around your garden or in dense rows of shifting colors. Annuals need to be planted before the cold fall weather starts so make sure you get them in the garden in time.

Marigold perennial.
Salvia perennial.
Snapdragons perennial.


Sweet Alyssum is another annual that blooms abundantly in the fall. It can be white, purple, or pink, and grows as a lush ground cover. Sweet Alyssum also has a light, sweet, fragrance which is especially noticeable when it is planted in wide sections. This flower makes any garden radiate with color and aroma whether used as a border around other plants or in a swath of its own.Mums and Asters are the classic annuals chosen for fall blooms. They are hardy and come in a wide variety of colors, making them excellent choices for adding zest to your garden. Asters can be purple, pink, white, red, or a combination of several colors. Mums, available in white, red, yellow, bronze, lavender, and pink look incredible arranged together in the garden to highlight their colorful abundance.

Sweet Alyssum Annual
Landscape mumsMums, also known chrysanths.

Balloon flowers, also known as Chinese bellflowers, are perennials with buds that puff out like a balloon (hence the name) before flowering. Purple is the most common color flower, however, they also come in white and pink varieties. Not only do these add rich color to your garden but they also add a whimsical element with their balloon impersonation.
Purple chinese bellflowers

For a uniquely colorful garden, plant a collection of sedums. They are available in a virtual rainbow of colors and can range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet. Even when they are not in bloom, Sedums are striking in the garden. The leaves on these plants range from needles to rounded and paddle-like and the foliage colors can be anything from green, pink, gold, to a shiny almost black color. A selection of Sedums in a variety of sizes and colors is a wonderful, eye-catching, addition to any garden.

For a bright pop of sunshine, add several heliopsis flowers. Commonly referred to as false-sunflowers, these perennials will bloom well into fall. And, they will fill your garden with brilliant bursts of yellow just like a real sunflower.

If you want your garden to truly resemble an artists palette, plant several varieties of Heather. The tall blooms stand out in large sheaths of blue, gold, rose, green, or yellow. That isn’t the only thing to consider when selecting a heather plant, however. Their foliage is also vivid and changes with the seasons, making them stand out in the landscape festively.

Sedum flowering plant.
Combine a variety of these fall bloomers into your planting design for a full seasonal gardening experience. It is fun and easy to turn fall into a wonderland of flowers. Filling your garden with bursts of color and spreading delight to all who see it is a great way to embrace the changing season.

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